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July 28, 2011

Now some of you may think these are solely for people under the age of ten or maybe you have abandoned the idea of throwing one since you've graduated from college and left the land of sorority/fraternity functions. Not I. There are few things I love more than letting my imagination run wild with ideas for a good themed party. Since I have been pretty much booked every weekend this summer with moving, bachelorette parties, beach trips, etc., I haven’t had the chance to throw one. Last Summer I had enough time to plan two and I thought I should share them since this is my first official post as a new blogger, and I think it’s a great way for you to get to know me and the purpose of my tiny space on the internet.

The first one was the “Favorite Things” themed party. I forget the exact location I read about this but it stems from the famous "Oprah’s Favorite Things" Episode she used to do each year.  You invite a specific number of guests, and set a price point (ours was $20) for each person to bring a gift or their “favorite thing” that you can buy for that amount. My favorite place is the beach so that was the theme of the party. My gift was high heeled shoes for everyone (I collected tons of information from the guests upon RSVP including shoe, ring, and shirt size). I scoured the internet and found great deals to keep it at the limit. It was a really fun time!

Each guest was given a baggie with old navy flip flops, a Yankee Candle “Sun and Sand” scented votive, fun shutter shade glasses, and a hibiscus clip for their hair upon arrival. I made a beachy playlist, served daiquiris & margaritas, shish kabobs, coconut shrimp, fruit salsa, and adorable cupcakes with seashells on them. Some of the gifts other guests' gifts included, Aldo sunglasses, cookbooks, wine from a local vineyard, designer headbands, J.Crew necklaces, iTunes gift cards, and much more. Below are some pictures from the event. I hoped to throw one each Summer but didn’t have the time. Maybe next year!

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