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August 21, 2011

I always get questions about my hair when I wear it in loose waves.  The other day I was standing on line at H&M and the woman behind me couldn't get over the fact that it only takes under ten minutes to get the look (the one located on F street in DC has lines at least 20 minutes long so it's easy to make friends on your journey to the register through bins of bangles, lint rollers, and leopard print umbrellas).

I have naturally confused hair.  It’s not straight and not curly, it’s just bad.  So my options are:

1. Spend 20 minutes straightening it out (I have to blow dry it nicely, then section it off, and then run it over with the straightener).
2. Wear it up.
3. Wave/Curl it - this I will explain below.

The best part about this look is you don’t have to abuse your hair twice.  Just let it air dry, sometimes I shower the night before and don't worry about the blow dryer in the morning (huge time saver).  You can blow it out but if you do it doesn’t have to be perfect, I actually prefer some natural wave to come through.  See my icky before hair below.



Now all you need are two things to accomplish this, and to tell you the truth the two products I use for this are really inexpensive!  

1.   A ¾ inch curling iron.  I use Conair’s “Instant Heat” which you can get from CVS for under 15 bucks. 
2.   A non-hardening hairspray. I use SauvĂ©’s “Touchable Finish” which you can get at any grocery store for $3.

1.   Pull groups of hair (not too big we don’t want to be Shirley Temple), starting around your part and twist around the curling iron away from your face (the direction you would go if you were going to pin it to the back of your head). Just hold it there for about 10 seconds (you don’t need it to be super bouncy so don’t hold it down for much longer than that).
2.   If you have thick straight hair you might need to spend more time pulling smaller pieces to lighten the curling iron's load.
3.   When all of the hair around your part/crown is done just pull the hair from underneath that you think needs it, the idea isn’t to curl every single section of your hair.
4.   Shake it up with your hands and spray with non-hardening hairspray.
5.   You can loosen it up to your liking with a brush.
6.   All better!


  1. Hi Erin love your blog, I was wondering if you start to clamp the hair in the curling iron from the top or bottom tip?

  2. gorgeous hair. def going to try this!


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