..A Steal on YSL Heels

August 20, 2011

1. Okay yeah right.. I didn't really go out and buy YSL shoes. 
2.I knew this would be a recurring themed post but I didn't think it would be this soon after the first (oh my addiction..) anyway.. here we are again!   

I have longed to own a pair of sky high YSL heels ever since the celebs I love (lets be serious..stalk is a better word) started rocking them to all the fabulous events they attend, however,  I have decided that I will probably never own a pair due to the fact that 1.  I have no fabulous events to attend 2.  They'll put you back a cool $795 which is not an option for me at my present career level (the bottom) and 3. You can get a very similar style for about $700 less.  Let me explain #3. 
1. YSL "Too High Pump" in Beige Suede - $795

2. Pour la Victoire "Irina" Pump - $245
3. Kelsi Dagger "Linzy" Pump - $119
Featured in #1 is the real deal.  Now I always thought that the shoes in picture #2 were the next best thing..however.. I have found and even better priced version that is literally the exact same shoe (#3).  I wasn't exactly sure considering the price difference but now that I own both brands I can attest that you should just skip the contemplation and go for the Kelsi Dagger version. 

Now to be clear, my very first pair of fancy pants “Pour la Victoire” shoes came in today and I am smitten.  They are high enough to make me appear less stump-like and just the right little punch of color to brighten up whatever I wear them with (I featured the beige above to highlight their similarities but I got them in turquoise). YAY!  I originally wanted them in yellow (seen here) but I decided the bold blue-green color would be just as fun but more forgiving of my sun-deprived pale legs (even my favorite tan-in-a-bottle Sublime Bronze can't save them now). I also got them for a great deal (are you guys sick of me talking about what great sales I’ve been finding yet?) They were regularly $245 but have been reduced to $99 on Piperlime.com (plus I got them on extra 10% off Tuesday = $90)  and although I did get them for a great deal, I got the beige Kelsi Dagger ones at DSW for only $54 (with coups) a couple months ago. Can you see the difference?  Well I have personally examined both of them closely and I cant either.

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