..A Steal on Heels

August 12, 2011

There are two things in this world where if I was forced to leave the house without.. I would seriously consider just not going.  Those things are mascara and heels. I once had an epic fall in Dewey Beach that left me with bruised, blood-stained legs, a seriously injured toe, and little dignity the next morning.  I detest the thought of wearing flats out to a public bar so much that come the next evening I slapped a band-aid on it, put on my turquoise strappy’s, and suffered through (with the help of LOTS of tequila). I would work out in them if that were acceptable.  This is due to the unfortunate fact that I was born with stumpy legs and always admired the long leggy modelesque look.  Since this is completely unattainable for me (I’ve only been able to grow to 5”2 on my own), I get by with a little help from my shoe friends.  Stilettos, platforms, wedges, I don’t discriminate, the higher the better.  Sometimes I plan what I’m going to wear entirely around the shoe I have in my head (I know there has to be others out there that do the same!).  For this reason this post’s theme will likely be a recurring one.

I take pride in being one of the best bargain hunters around. Whether I’m shopping for apparel, home goods, or groceries, I usually know how to shave off a little dinero from the final bill.  I’m not exactly an “extreme couponist” yet, but my last trip to Harris Teeter did result in $100 worth of groceries for $40 (baby steps). I know some of the readers of this blog will think this is totally cringe-worthy (because well all of the readers of this blog are my classy friends) but I found the steal of a lifetime at...(here comes the part where you cringe)… WET SEAL.

I live across the street from the worst “mall” (if you can call it that) in America.  Sometimes I end up meandering around in there because it’s so close and I like to explore the “As Seen on TV” store.  However I ended up in there, I found these super cute heels that were marked down to $21 dollars from $30!  Yes I know you’re thinking these are your run of the mill Forever21ish-quality shoe so that’s not the GREATEST deal but it gets better.  I went to pay for my bargain purchase and was pleasantly surprised when the cashier informed me that I get another pair for just one penny!  I deemed the other shoes in there completely unacceptable to be seen wearing in public so I just snagged the same ones in black and brown.  Check ‘em out! 

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