..A Beachy Bachelorette

August 9, 2011

As I previously mentioned, this past weekend was my friend Brittany’s bachelorette party in Ocean City, MD.  The weekend was so incredibly spectacular I actually felt somewhat teary eyed Monday morning when some of the songs we played over and over again came on my iPod while on my way to the metro for work.  Yes, I already miss those memories that much.  It was just one of those weekends where we enjoyed every single second that the weekend had to offer us from sunrise to well.. sunrise (with the help of some 5 Hour Energy).  Here are my favorite highlights in no particular order:

1. I can’t resist any reason to do something crafty and cute and this was definitely a great excuse so I decided to assemble some fun mini beach pails that fit the mixed theme of extreme girl-ness and the beach. My girlfriend Sumner helped me fill them.
·         Hot pink mini sand pails personalized for each guest
·         “Dare scratch offs” which were very fun!
·         Pink party beads
·         Giant diamond rings that double as shot glasses
·         Lollipops
·         Zebra print bows that also match the zebra streamers.
·         Lei and hibiscus flower clip for bride to be

2. We got there a little early so the bride to be could walk into her decked out condo for the weekend.  It was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip! So much fun just playing music and decorating the pad. In my opinion it looked absolutely perfect. Here are some shots of the entire condo (pre risqué paraphernalia of course).

3. Champaign toasts in the afternoon sun.

4. A three course personalized meal (yes you read that correctly.. it just kept getting better..).

5. Adorable gifts for all the guests (the bag is filled with a fun lip gloss, eye shadow, and makeup setter).

6. More toasts to great friends.

7. Most importantly -- great friends (and making new ones).

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