..Lemon Caper Chicken

August 8, 2011

Cooking with lemon is wonderful because it makes everything taste light and healthful, even if it doesn’t qualify for either one of those adjectives (have you ever tried lemon cheesecake? It’s a deceptive little dessert minx that we will eventually get to). After being completely indulgent this past weekend (and I mean it.. we demolished 72 bagel bites, a Digiorno pizza, and Costco size tub of hummus faster than you can say “muffin top”), I decided that the dinner to kick off the week should be just that- light and fresh! Like all my favorite “go-to” recipes- it’s easy and satisfying.  The plus about this particular one is that you don’t feel too guilty afterward.

1 Package of chicken breast
¾ Cup of chopped fresh parsley
2 Lemons         
½ Cup of flour plus one teaspoon
Salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder
Extra virgin olive oil
1 Cup chicken stock
Capers (as much as you want to put in there :)


Pour a few tablespoons of olive oil into a large skillet over medium heat.  Season the raw chicken with the salt, pepper, onion, and garlic to your liking and then dredge (for the non-cookers out there, dredge = pour the first cup of flour into a plastic bag and shake the seasoned chicken around in it) it should look like this:

Add a little chicken stock to the olive oil already in the skillet and drop in the chicken. Cook for a few minutes on each side before the next steps.

Roll both your lemons around on a hard surface for maximum juicing.  Thinly slice one half of one lemon and set aside.  Then squeeze the juice from the rest over the chicken.  Add the chopped parsley and continue to cook.  As the chicken cooks, continue to add the rest of the chicken stock little by little to keep the sauce forming on the bottom from getting too thick. When the chicken seems just about done, add your capers and use the leftover slices to lay over the chicken while it finishes.

Remove chicken from skillet and turn off the heat.  Mix a teaspoon of flour into the lemony-parsley mixture left in the pan to complete the sauce and pour over the chicken.

Finito!  We paired ours with broccoli to keep it light.  Tell me what you think :)

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