..The Sun and the Sand and a Drink in My Hand

August 3, 2011

This weekend is my friend Brittany’s bachelorette trip.  She’s a completely lovely girl who’s also elegant, smart, pretty, and structured (those accountants’ right?). We are venturing off to a little place called Ocean City, MD to be all things the exact opposite of Brittany.  Bring on the ugly, the inappropriate, the wild, and extra helpings of bad decision making, please. This will mark my first experience in Ocean City but I hear it has lots of monkey business to offer- which is just what the doctor ordered.  Below is a list of the things I consider essential for a bachelorette weekend at the beach.

1.  Lots and lots of Sunglasses. Your shade selection sets the mood for your state of mind (they are also a quick fix for the “day-after-bachelorette-shenanigans” hangover face).  See my choices below.
 1. Party Time! (Seriously how can you not be in a fun mood while wearing those?)
 2. Practical (Prescription lenses)
 3. Statement
 4. Sassy & Classy

2.  Fedora.  I recently took a little trip to Dewey Beach, DE with one of my best friend’s group of best friends.  It was so fun I need to come up with a new word for fun (I haven’t yet but I will get back to you on that).  One of the girls, her name is Emily, brought her fedora and wore it so well it gave me hat-envy all weekend and has now made it to my #2 spot on the list of necessary beach items (yes.. above sun bock). I had to get one, so I purchased this last weekend at Nordstrom for only $18. STEAL.

3.  Sunscreen.  I love the smell of sun block.  I grew up by the beach and it reminds me of sitting on the shore with my childhood friends and cousins making sand-castles.  My favorite SPF items are:

   1. Keeps evil wrinkles away and major protection for your face? Yes please!
   2. Non greasy moisturizing lotion that leaves your skin feeling nourished.
   3. This doesn't exactly fit into this category but it's the coolest way to fake a tan.  Just rub on like regular lotion and presto-chango -  you're Beyonce.  It washes off in the next shower so you don't have to worry about all the things that come with self-tanners.

4.   Wedges.  I am not a big fan of flats but heels are not a great idea when there is sand and floorboards below your feet, it can get ugly. (To this day there is still a chunk of my heel stuck in the floor of an Old Navy in Holmdel, NJ).
5.  Curling Iron.  I have naturally wavy hair so trying to wear it straight near water is just an uphill battle I will never win.

6.  Waterproof mascara.  In my book it is a crime to leave the house with naked lashes -- EXCEPT when you are going to the gym.  Aside from that I don’t care what the activity is, there is no excuse.

7.  Beach Playlist.  You might wonder how someone can sit in a car for hours anxiously awaiting their arrival to the seaside and keep their mood uplifted? I have the antidote to this problem and it is called: “Sexual Healing Remix - Marvin Gaye ft Shaggy.”  You’re welcome.


  1. confession: i wear mascara to the gym. and I wear super waterproof mascara even when I race.

    have fun this weekend!

  2. Awwww love it!! Your list was terrific.. I love lash stiletto mascara.. It's like our generation's updated great lash mascara. Thanks for all the beach essential reminders - can't wait for the weekend!

  3. loooooooooooooove


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