..A Backyard Celebration

September 12, 2011

As you can tell from the various posts on my blog, I love DIY parties and crafts.  I really love anything that enables me to utilize my creative abilities.  I get these abilities from my mother. This past weekend was my parents 25th anniversary party and she put together the entire party herself.  She did an amazing job but I thought I should highlight her homemade centerpieces. While the tent, tables, and linens were rented, she made these beautiful center pieces herself with a simple glass vases, foam fillers, faux flowers, and ribbon that she saved from old Coach holiday box wrapping which she also used to fancy up the champagne glasses seen here (yes she tied 70 ribbons). The accents are glass votive holders with white sand and black votive candles.  The craziest part is that every single thing she used came from the dollar store!

I made the settings myself by ordering special napkins from oriental trading that have their names and their anniversary printed on them with silver utensils and black and silver ribbon to hold them all together. I also made the favors seen around the cake below which I will detail later.  Check out the end result!

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  1. everything looked amazing! The centerpieces and favors were my favorite :)

  2. everything was amazing high class at a wonderful budget!!!! Dollar Tree on line check it out cant be beat. I have been doing this a long time and love it. Erin your the best loved your help it made all worth it. Mom and Dad love and thank you for all you help with everything.


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