..Simple Party Favors

September 13, 2011

This adorable little favor was such an easy DIY project and so affordable!

1. I ordered 72 little bags from Oriental Trading.  They came in packs of 24 for $6.25 each.
2. The little square stickers also came from OT for only $3.49 for144 of them! (12 sheets of 12)
3. My mom had the ribbon at home form old projects but you can buy each spool from OT for about $2.00.
4. Two (2 lb 8 oz) bags of Hershey kisses (party bag) for around $10 each.

If you include the ribbon that still comes out to 0.62 cents per favor. Aren't they awfully cute for such a little price? How-to is below.

1. Stick the sticker on the flat side of the bag.
2. Unfold and stuff with 7 kisses.
3. Take one foot of back and silver curling ribbon (each) and tie around the handles.
4. Curl ribbon by dragging the sharp end of scissors over one side the the ribbon - done :)

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