..Fierce Finger Nails

September 19, 2011

Once I got my hands on Sally Henson’s new “Salon Effects” nail polish strips a few weeks ago I was completely hooked and just couldn’t wait to put together new combinations.   I got the idea in my head to pair “Kitty Kitty” strips with a red color for fall and they might be a little bit Peggy Bundy/Fran Drescher-esque but I don’t care, I feel totally FEROSH in them.  They make me want to just put my paws up and start doing the Lady Gaga dance.  I saw they have these adorable Halloween themed ones out right now but the CVS by my apartment was completely sold out already! They must really be catching on. Now I am on a mission to find these so if you spot them, holler at me.  

O.P.I.'s "The Thrill of Brazil" & Sally Hansen's "Kitty Kitty"


  1. Oh very pretty! I always like adding something extra on my ring fingers!


  2. so unexpected. im loving your blog!


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