September 22, 2011

..Shades of Green & Nude

Who knew it was practically manditory to wear nude shoes to a summer wedding?  On top of that, how strange is it that not only are we ALL wearing nude shoes, were also ALL wearing shades of green with some blues thrown in there.  Either this group of gal pals has not grown out out of the "like let's all totally coordinate what we wear to her fab wedding" phase, or we're just on the same fashion wave length and all have great taste.  I would like to think it's the latter (..especially because like nobody called me about it and that would be like totally mean).

Love it!

Notice another girl in green & nude in the background!

We seem to be in tune with the breathtakingly gorgeous backdrop :)


  1. What a beautiful wedding, and a funny coincidence! You all look great though!
    We're hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show/ Girls' Night Out
    Check it out!!

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  2. I love wearing nude shoes especially since i'm super short.

  3. my favorite color green is the one you're wearing!

  4. That is uncanny. Gorgeous outfits. I guess I'll remember this next time I go to a wedding!

    <3 Rachel


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