..Cuddly Costumes

October 27, 2011

Look familiar?  That’s because they are!  All you need to do is follow the exact directions to make the dress from here but use fleece fabric instead (SO cozy!).  Pair that with the headband instructions from here (obviously switch out a flame for two bear ears) and you’ve got yourself a whole new costume.  We traced a plate to make perfect circles on pieces of felt and then had the craftiest ones of the bunch draw the pictures for our tummies.   I can also attest they transition into PJ’s quite nicely as I actually ended up sleeping in mine that night (oh Halloween shenanigans…oops).

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  1. These outfits are fantastic! I'm currently making my way through your blog and reading all the posts!xx

    1. I have been doing the same with yours, wonderful beauty tips and reviews which I LOVE!


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