..DIY Beachy Picture Frame

October 17, 2011

I have been promising my friend I would do something with this gorgeous sea glass we found in Bermuda a couple of years ago and I finally got around to it one lazy Sunday. Since my friend is getting married by the beach, I figured this would be a cute way to use it.

1. I wanted to incorporate it into a frame somehow, but I knew there wasn’t enough to go all the way around.  My solution was to only do a couple sides in a mosaic fashion.

2. I really wanted the driftwood effect but driftwood = expensive so I got a plain wood frame from Michaels, used a dark wood touch up marker to stain it brown, and then used white paint over it.  The brown shows through just the right amount.

3. I used nail polish to personalize the frame with their last name.

4. I still might give it a quick varnish (still undecided) but here’s the finished product J

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