..Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

October 18, 2011

I saw these on pinterest.com and IMMEDIATELY needed to try making them.  It just so happened that my parents were also visiting from out of town to be touristy and see all the DC monuments.  Sorry Mr. Lincoln, but they were my Dad’s favorite part of the whole weekend.  They're super easy, especially bc I skipped the graham cracker crumbs (just didn’t want them on there but would be a quick addition).

1 Lb. large strawberries, scooped out (with paring knife)
1 Package cream cheese
3 Tablespoons of powdered sugar
1Tablespoon vanilla extract
Crushed Graham Crackers (optional)

1.  Rinse and then scoop out centers of berries with your paring knife and set aside.

2.  Mix all other ingredients together and stuff into berries (I used a piping bag but you can just as easily spoon it in)
3.  If you decide you want gram cracker crumbs on top then just grind a few crackers up and either dip them into it or sprinkle over top.



  1. These look so yummy! Great idea!

  2. These look so good. Ugh I hate that I started my diet yesterday now.


  3. oh my goodness these look amazing!! definitely pinning this recipe for later!

    www.fooddiaryproject.blogspot.com :)


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