..Mario & Luigi Costumes

October 20, 2011

I'm starting to feel Halloween in the air and abcfamily has finally started their 13 days of Halloween movie marathon (schedule here). Hocus Pocus is on tonight and is also my favorite! 

I have to say of all the costumes I have stuffed myself into over the years, this one was by far the easiest to assemble.   It was also probably one of the most fun to wear because it was so comfortable, and instantly recognizable.  I did spend a chunk of the night re-adjusting my moustache and picking hairs from my drink (it was well worth it but also had me wondering how guys with real ones do it every day without getting things stuck up in there?) and I can’t even count how many times I shouted the phrase “IT’S A ME, MARIO!” (aka my favorite part of this entire operation). 

Short-alls (we nabbed ours from Forever 21last year the exact ones aren’t available anymore but these are even cuter and would totally work)
Red & green t-shirts
Yellow & white felt pieces (one of each is all you need)
Black puffy paint
White gloves
Red & green newsboy hats (we got ours on Amazon)
Hot glue

To make the hats just cut two circles from the white felt and use the black puffy paint to make either an “M” or an “L” and then glue it to the front of your hat (let black paint dry before wearing).

Cut two smaller circles from the yellow felt.  Paint on four little dots to make them look like buttons and let dry.  Now glue to the front of your over all hooks (after you put them on.. otherwise you can’t undo them). Everything else is pretty self explanatory. 

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It's a me!

Our friend Lauren was the question box! How awesome is that?


  1. what kind of shoes did you wear?(: I love this so much<3

  2. Where in the world did you get ur green shirt from. i can not find one anywhere


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