..Individual Falsies

November 3, 2011

If you've been dreaming about lashes that will nearly make wind when you blink you should know you can actually have them for about 10 dollars.  All you need are individual falsies & lash glue (assuming you own tweezers and an eyelash curler).  You really don't even need mascara when you use long length individuals (although you absolutely still can if you want more drama) which is why I like doing this for special nights.  I am lucky to have pretty long lashes as it is, the falsies give me the length I usually get from mascara with out having to put much (or any at all) on.  It's pretty natural as you can see from the photos below (I know it's sort of weird to have such large pictures of my eyeball up there but I wanted you to really see what is going on).

I have a variety pack here that has both medium and long length individuals.  You should check this out before you buy them they also have short length which may work better to blend with your natural length. You don't want them to stick out too obviously.

A new trick I've recently learned is to put a little dollop of glue on the back of your hand instead of having to wait for the glue to get tacky each time like I said in my last post about this. Curl your lashes prior to the first stick.  I use three of each length and place them in the areas I have highlighted below.  Is this something you guys would try?

Can you tell I'm cheating?


  1. holy cow- they look like your real lashes!! I really want to try this- my lashes are short and blonde and I ususally spend tons of time using mascara to make them longer. Hopefully I wont poke me eye out with the tweezer!

  2. I really like how real they look. I have super short lashes so I'm always trying to find ways to "cheat" nature.


  3. I haven't worn false lashes in forever, but they're so fun and flattering (if done right). You're look good.


  4. those look sooo real! lol, great post



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