..Seams to Be

November 6, 2011

Coveting my awesome slouchy hand-crocheted hat?  It's okay, I would be too if I were you.  Lucky for you my sweet and very talented friend Lyndsay can hook you up as well!  Her up and coming brand is called "Seams to Be" and you can nab one of these awesome hats, the headband I have on below, a cozy snood, or even a hand-sewn 50's vintage inspired dress at her Etsy shop here.  She can make them in any color combination you would like and I can personally attest that they are super soft, non-ichy material for those of you who have sensitive skin like myself.  Her styles have already been featured on some great blogs like "What a Nerd Would Wear" and you will probably see her banner popping up on some of your favorites so look out!  It's literally getting to the point where I don't leave my house without throwing mine on (perfect for didn't-wash-my-hair-days).  The photos below are a bit posy-posy (I am no model and my boyfriend is no photographer) but I wanted to highlight the awesome-ness so you'll just have to deal (sorry!).  Also my fluffer-nugget cat, Ella wanted to make an appearance.  Isn't she the cutest?

You would never know that dirty hair was under all that cozy wool!

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  1. I forgot to mention that she can also make things for your man AND your baby. The woman is talented.


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