November 15, 2011

Hat: Seams to Be - $24

Today's post is a guest post by my friend Michael Columbus (@MichaelColumbus) who is a fundraiser for the Movember campaign!


For those who haven’t heard, Movember, formerly November, is a month long celebration of men’s health.  During Movember gentleman across the world sprout sexy mustaches to raise funds to support research and awareness of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.  Movember began in Australia in 1999 with just a few participants and since has spread across the world to accumulate around 1.1 million participants raising approximately $174 million in donations through 2010.

Here are some observations from a first time mustache grower:

Day 1:  Typical Tuesday morning, but today starts the beginning of a magical journey in men’s facial hair.

Day 6: I am beginning to look like a prepubescent boy sprouting as I’d like to call the crustache.  Coworkers and friends alike begin to question my trustworthiness.

Day 9:  At this point I am starting to notice staring from strangers just below my nose, but just above my lip.  I now know how it feels for girls to get their cleavage stared at.  It’s like they are undressing my mustache with their eyes.  I feel dirty, ashamed.

Day 11:  At the grocery store parents give me cautious stares in the checkout line and shelter their children close.  Apparently, mustaches are synonymous with being a creeper; I wish I could disagree.

Day 13:  I’ve been invited to three Cinco de Mayo parties in last few days.  I’ve accepted invites to two of them.

Day 15: Just like Frodo heading deep into the mountains of Mordor with the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron I am not sure how much longer I can carry this burden.  My upper lip is frail and wavering against the girth of my mustache.

With only half of Movember passed, what will become of my mustache; what will become of me?

 All funds raised go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Livestrong, or other awareness and education plans directed towards promoting men’s health.

To learn more about Movember, or make a donation to me and my team please visit:

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Oh, and for us ladies (it's Erin again) who aren't able to rock sweet staches' on our faces, don't feel left out, there are a few other options for us I have highlighted below :)

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  1. I want to play Bingo with you guys!

  2. A great post! Very important to highlight this illness and get men to look after their health!

  3. That Sesame Street shirt is adorable but not half as adorable as you!

    xo chanel

  4. Loving that Sesame street shirt, how adorable! Loving the support for this cause year after year. Last year my fiance grew out his mustache all month to raise money!

  5. Hahaha day 9's description cracked me up! I love movember!!

  6. Hahaha love this! I love mustaches!!!!!!

  7. Love this post!! My boyfriend is on a team for Movember... MUSTACHES EVERYWHERE!!!


  8. Love your moustache and your outfit :D that beanie hat is cute on you ~ huh, I never knew Movember was for that reason. Thanks for sharing, I have learned something new!

    Jo Bao ♥


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