..All That Glitters

November 17, 2011

Sephora by OPI - Only Gold for Me - $9.50
Milani - Jewel FX in Gold - $4.25
Although the lighting makes each of these polishes look like different shades the comparative picture above they are actually quite similar (but one is half the price)!  I have been on the hunt for some gold sparkly nail polish that was made up of big pieces rather than the small shimmery ones similar to Deborah Lippmann's "Boom Boom Pow" and this one gets my stamp of approval.  I found it at my local CVS on sale for three dollars and change.  I'm wearing it here under OPI's "Two Tickets to Paradise" (white bottle) and then just a few coats to make it really intense and sparkly.  I know it's probably a little tacky but I'm thinking this is perfect for New Year's Eve!


  1. I'd absolutely love some sparkly gold nails to cheer up this gloomy, gray day in New England.

  2. glitter!!
    i love everything that sparkles!!!

  3. I don't think it's too tacky... i love it! I recently purchased glitter polish (wet n wild for $1), and it doesn't dry right. It ends up getting mushy... i have been on the lookout for a good one. I'll try this one :)

    xo everything-pretty.com

  4. I love glitter polish for special occasions, I bought the silver glitter Milani polish for the holiday season last year!

    I am excited to find another DC fashion/DIY crafting/cooking blogger! Wahoo!

  5. Oh this polish is so pretty! I want some posh gold polish with the little sparkly pieces in, they're really nice :)!



  6. I LOVE this new fad in sparky polish. It's perfect for the holidays. xoxo

  7. those nail polishes are stunning. i cant find them anywhere in portugal :(
    your nails look beautiful!
    I'm glad i found your blog, im loving all your photos! congrats, im your new follower ;) come visit my little place too, and if you like it you can follow me back :)

  8. Such a pretty polish :)


  9. I have that OPI/Sephora one and I love it. So fun to layer over red, black, nude, anything. This is my favorite way to wear it:


    And thanks for stopping by and commenting!



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