..The Friday Favorites: Kitty & Kitty Print

November 18, 2011

Ivanka Trump - "Pinkette"

I actually have two favorites this week, both being huge victories for me.  The first one was getting these babies in the mail on Monday.  I was on the hunt for perfect leopard shoes that were cute enough to wear at night but also able to rock to the office since September and I finally found them!  Aren't they so perfect?

The second one was getting Ella to sleep in her new kitty bed I picked up at Target last weekend (along with their adorable pet costumes for Christmas which you will see at a later date).   She loves to sleep on our clothes which makes them all furry so we decided she needed a real bed.  El problemo is that cats just don't do what you want them to, because you want them to (divas).  So after MUCH hoaxing (literally I kept putting her in there and she'd just hop out, smell it, decide it wasn't for her, and go back to the neatly folded pile of clothes) victory was mine!  She is a wee bit too husky for it (which makes me love it so much more) but she finally has accepted her new digs. 

Is this not the cutest thing?

Happy little fluffer-nugget.


  1. THOSE SHOES ARE BEAUTIFUL!! And your cat is too cute! I love that she sleeps in her cat bed now. I have a cat named Ella too and shes obsessed with her bed. :)

    <3 Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. LOVE love love those shoes! I have a pair on my Christmas list :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. What a cute kitty!

    I wish I could rock heels like that. I can't justify buying many. My husband is 5'6" and I'm 5'10" so I can really only wear heels when we are not together so I mostly invest in flats and flat boots.

  4. OH MY, I adore the shoes and your cat really is the cuttest thing ever :x

  5. They ARE perfect.. love.

    xo everything-pretty.com

  6. such fun shoes! i'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of leopard shoes, but i'm in need of flats. i have a pair of boots by ivanka though that i love! enjoy :) xo


  7. The cat is so cute!


  8. she's so adorable! and she looks so sassy too. I used to dress up my cat for halloween AND christmas too! It was like my favorite part of the holidays, ha

  9. Shoes are so pretty! Love them and your cat is so cute :)

  10. Those shoes and your kitty are adorable. It took our cat a while to start liking her cat bed (we literally put all her toys and some cat nip on it) but now she loves it and it's a lifesaver for our furniture.

  11. The heels is gorg dear !


  12. love that shoes Gorgeous!

    following you now hope you visit mine and follow back



  13. lovely post :) thanks for your comment on my blog!


  14. Haha, I love how your next photos after your shoes were your super sweet kitty. Your kitty is adorable, snoozing comfortably, I wish I could do that every day!

  15. oh i love thsi cat!it's soooo cute :)

  16. those shoes are perfect. some leopard shoes can look fake and tacky, but these ones are great and classy! i love them!

  17. awww she loves her new bed! so cute.

  18. I love your kitty! Reminds me so much of a cat I had when I was a kid! Enjoying your blog as well!



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