..A Question for the Workin' Girls

February 7, 2012

The deets: J.Crew Factory shirt; J.Crew pencil skirt; Target shoes, Necklace (unknown).

I have a question for all the workin' ladies out there who have conservative 9-5 jobs like I do.  How do you incorporate fun colors and parts of your personal style into your looks for work?  I really struggle with carrying over what I like in real life vs. what I think I should look like at my job and most days end up feeling craptastic because I hate what a mess I have made trying to merge the two.  I need tips ladies!  I spend so much time there I should at least like what I am wearing, right? Any specific stores, blogs, magazines you go to for inspiration?  Advice (desperately) wanted.


  1. you look great, so pretty. Love this look. I wear scrubs most of the week. So advice from me won't be too helpful! lol I try to bring color into my day by wearing funky sneakers and cool necklaces.


  2. this outfit is gorgeous!! i am lucky that i can get away with wearing jeans during the work week, but i try to stay away from them. i love fitted skirts, leggings, and black skinny's that i can pair with trendy/work appropriate tops and jewelry (similar to your outfit above!).

  3. Lovely outfit! I have the same problem, but I always try to add a fun pop of color to any outfit, whether its small like a bright necklace or animal print heels, sometimes I just add a fun colorful top but play it down with more conservative other pieces. I guess you just gotta play around and figure out what works




  4. I love what you are wearing. I'm not very helpful in this arena, I'm a designer and my workplace is not very conservative at all! It makes getting dressed for work a breeze :)

  5. This is a great outfit!

    I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that's open to just about anything. Some of the girls go super casual & some get dressed up - so some days I make an effort to look nice & I whip out the heels & a nice dress or top/skirt combo, & other days it's just jeans, an oversize tee & off I go..!




  6. I loove your blog, you got glam



  7. That's a great look, both formal and a bit colorful.
    I try to add color to my work outfits through colorful accessories (like a statement ring or necklace). Another option is choosing a colorful overcoat, so that I can at least feel colorful on my way to work :)
    You can see my post about this here:

  8. Super cute!
    p.s thanks for the lovely comment hun!



  9. I hear ya! My suggestion would be to focus on one thing to make your outfit more you - whether it's a statement necklace, a fun colored skirt, or loud tights... that's my strategy at work :) PS this outfit is lovely :)


  10. I love this outfit! You look so sweet :)

    I always try to add subtle color to my work outfits with a solid color button down or I add a fun necklace :)

  11. I think playing around with accessories is key when working in an office. Fun necklaces, belts, tights even.

  12. In order to dress for work I dress how I normally dress, and then remove 50-60% of the accessories or loud pieces and replace them with neutral items. I usually go with one to two loud pieces (a printed skirt with a plain white button down, or a large necklace with a black dress).

    Penniless Socialite

  13. I think your working girl look is great and I often have the same problem of coming across the same {boring} outfits for work - that's why I love dresses so much. They're almost always work appropriate and you can wear with boots or heels (depending on whether or not you have a meeting) and then accessorize as needed. I tend to stick to neutral palettes and then pop it with a scarf, shoes, or bright lipstick. Hope this helps - although I really don't think you need it ;)


  14. Pretty outfit! I think you can add pops of color with your accessories and your shoes and how about a colorful cardi.

  15. I'm really lucky in that I can wear jeans to work (but I try not to every day for fear I won't look professional enough). It's also something I struggle with because I feel like I gravitate towards more casual looks which is not good at the office. I think your work outfit is perfect though!

    The Tiny Heart

  16. I think you look great in what you have on. I usually wear basic stuff to work and add fun accessories like necklaces, scarves, bright/patterned shoes, a statement ring. Plus, you can find such great accessories for cheap. Again, I think you always look fab in your posts! You are too hard on yourself! ;)
    Because Shanna Said So

  17. I usually wear basic clothes and then add fun acesories, scarfes, shoes.

    Great blog, love the combination between posts.

    I´m following you if you want visit my blog : http://lessformore-ideas.blogspot.com/

    Big kiss, Alexnadra

  18. Love your blog!! Great outfit too.


  19. Adorable outfit!! :) I swear you read my mind...I don't know how but next week is going to be the outfits I wore to work and how I incorporated bright colors into it. Tomorrow i am going for a bright color T shirt with a pencil skirt b/c its going to be NEAR 50 tomorrow.


  20. Oh - and I'm one of those workin' girls as well, but have no helpful advice for you! I struggle with the same issue every day. Hence the lack of effort into my outfit posts....I'm not enthused about what I'm wearing and therefore and not too thrilled about taking and posting pictures of it. But if you find something that helps, let a girl know!! :)

  21. I think this outfit you have on is great! My work tend to be casual and mostly every outfit I post on my blog is from a work day. BUT I highly recommend you checking out Liz from 26 and Counting (if you don't follow her already). Her work style is awesome! Her blog is http://twosixandcounting.blogspot.com/


  22. Love the plaid shirt with the statement piece necklace! Great combo!!


  23. I think this is so cute for work! I don't know what your company is, but my advice is to take a look at the spring trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Most trends have a "work counterpart". Meaning they're not as revealing, sexified, etc. For example, pastel colors and neon are really trendy for spring. So try looking for a pretty light pink blouse or an electric yellow or blue shoe. Sometimes it's in the accessories. I used to be an elementary school teacher and so I remember how hard it was to look fashionable and work appropriate. But sometimes it was just in the cut of the jacket, or the fun heels, or the statement necklace. My boss never said anything! LOL.

    Oh and I wish you could shop with me. I seriously have no girl friends that like shopping. I always go alone. :( If you ever find yourself in Fresno, CA, hit me up and we'll hit my 3 story Forever 21!!! <3


  24. I would say play with color through accessories and patterns with neutral colors. See what people comment on (good and bad), and what you feel comfortable with around the office.

  25. I will not buy anything for work unless I can work it into my personal wardrobe. I'm not sure what your position is or what the dress code is, but mine is basically business casual so I can get a way with a lot lol

    xo Jennifer


  26. Hmm, I'm sorry, I don't have any tips (I'm still in high school aha).
    However, I just gotta say, I love the pairing of your plaid top and pencil skirt! <3
    You look gorgeous :)


  27. you look gorgeous! I love the plaid + pencil skirt with statement necklace.

  28. I'm lucky in that we have quite a casual dress code at work. However, I'll never wear denim and trainers as I like to still remain quite professional. I wear quirky jewellery with office-y pieces or go for cute collared dresses with flat pumps and a cardigan x

  29. These comments were very helpful! I'm an attorney and hate the stuffy look of most business suit type outfits. I'm hesitant to use bright colors or bold jewelry in fear of people not taking me seriously (since I'm brand new to the profession and live in a very conservative place). But, we just need to be ourselves and wear what makes us happy -- then we'll exude the confidence that's needed for people to appreciate us.


  30. I love all your pencil skirts! And the checkered shirt with the bib necklace is super cute. Following you!

    Amy Day to Day


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