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September 19, 2012

At the very minumum, if you wear makeup, you should have these basic items in your set. They don't have to be these exact brands, or even built into a palette (although it makes things much easier), the idea is that you have them accessible to you for those days where you don't want to even have to think about what makeup to put on. It's your basic neutral color combo that can work in any situation.  This is the shadow I am wearing in 90% of my outfit posts.

1. An all over base shadow. This is a color that most closely resembles your natural skin tone, and will blend well into your other neutrals seamlessly. (MAC Brule shown here).
2. A highlighter shadow. This goes on your brow bone and near your tear ducts if you want to get fancy (MAC Vanilla shown here).
3. A crease color. This shade should be much warmer than your base color, you have lots of options here so just find something that suits your taste (I am pretty sure I have MAC Cork shown here, but I can't figure out how to pop my shadows back out of the palette to confirm, sorry!).
4. A Brow filler/eyeliner. This is a color that you can use to fill in your brows (if you need it) or to line your eye (MAC Mystery shown here which is a great color for fair brunettes with light eyes).  This color can also be used as a crease color when you want to get more dramatic.

1. An all over shadow brush for applying your base/highlighter (Real Techniques shadow brush shown here which came in a travel essentials set).
2. A blending brush to work in your crease color (MAC 217).
3. A fine liner brush for filling in brows and lining your eyes (MAC 266).



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  2. love this post! i am a huge fan of neutrals for "daily" wear - and then i go to the fun colors on a more case by case basis. also LOVE mac brushes.

  3. I just just just started filling in my brows and OHMYGOD what took me so long. Changed my face. I do the all over and the highlighter but not the crease. I never know if I'm doing it right so I skip it.

  4. Love this! I'm not much of a shadow person, but I think I should start looking into it. The neutrals is great, perfect for every day.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I typically wear MAC in Retrospeck as my go-to eyeshadow and then add a darker brown (can't think of the name) to the crease if I want a daytime smokey eye look.

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. I am in desperate need of more tools. I used to feel like they were unnecessary but they totally are! Great post :)

    Angela @ the lovely cup

  7. Totally agree :)

    That's a perfect color combo for everyday. perfection.

  8. This was honestly so helpful! I'm not really a bit shadow person (I have pretty big eyes already, so I don't really need it), but when I try to wear it on a night out, I end up proving I have NO clue what I'm doing!

    The Glossy Life

  9. This is right on point, I completely agree!

    Great post.

  10. this reminds me that my makeup bag needs a serious overhaul! xo


  11. I agreeeee. I wish everyone would wear eye shadow, it really makes such a difference.

  12. Great colours, I think everyone should wear eye shadow too, even of it is just a neutral colour, it makes a big difference!




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