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March 19, 2013


I figured that since I've already shared my hair routine and skin-care regimen with you guys it only seemed natural to introduce you to my kick-ass make-up team that saves my tired, hungover, broken-out, pale (you get the point) face from embarrassment on a daily basis.  The products above collectively comprise my beauty kit and while I don't use every one every single day (esp eyeliner, foundation and lipstick at the office), if I were to do it up right, these guys are my first string.
  1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - When I want light all over coverage that wont irritate my skin or smear off. Not something I use daily, but the ONLY foundation I will go near with this sensitive face.
  2. Bobbi Brown Corrector - Of all the items on this list, this one is most important. Hardest working product I own. MVP. Covers the bags under my eyes, conceals blemishes, highlights, you name it. I finally found the perfect shade (light bisque) and it feels so good.
  3. Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer Potion - I have eyes that are very set back and thus I get one crazy crease line if I don't take proper precautions. This guy is the antidote.
  4. MAC Eye-shadows - They are so wonderfully pigmented and blend-able. You can take a closer look at my exact hand-picked color pallet that I use daily here.
  5. Bobbi Brown Gel Eye-liner - Lasts for hours with out moving and I love the control I have over the line shape using a fine liner brush rather than a pencil.
  6. Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara - THE BEST MASCARA MONEY CAN BUY. HANDS DOWN. You have to try it to believe me. Non clumpy long gorgeous lashes for DAYS, y'all. I vined about my first go with it here.
  7. Josie Maren Argan Color Stick - I got this product as a gift and ended up really loving it. The neutral pink is a great every day cheek color and it smells fresh and minty (wakes up my face). I love cream blush over powder because I of how natural it looks on skin.
  8. Rosebud Salve - I get really dry lips which don't take on lipstick well no matter how expensive or moisturizing it says it is.  I use this to help get them in shape before applying any lip color and as my everyday balm.
  9. Lancome "Midnight Rose" Lipstick - My favorite color for over a year now.  It really works with just about anything and it's a nice shade for my skin tone. A pretty magenta-y pink that pops! This formula really is amazingly non-drying too!
  10. NARS "Laguna" Bronzer - The finishing touch to any look.  That glow-y, sun-kissed, bronzed dusting that is absolutely mandatory for this girl to feel "finished."
And there you have it. xx 

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    1. Love, love the UD primer- it's a life saver! And rosebud salve is such an inexpensive product, but it works SO well!

    2. I use Bobbi Brown foundation + corrector and that corrector literally makes my face what it is... worth every penny.

    3. I love seeing what others use! I could really use a light foundation for all over coverage to reduce redness, but I don't know what to try!


    4. I love the products you've shown! I really must try Urban Decay's primer and the MAC eye shadows


    5. Love Benefit's "They're Real" mascara....it's amazing! All your choices are spot on.

    6. I love Laura Mercier products! She has some of the BEST stuff!


    7. rosebud salve is great for dry hands and for minor burns too!


    8. Cannot actually live without UD eyeshadow primer. Love!

      xo Ashley

    9. Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer is my daily bible.

      Great products!


    10. I would die without that tinted moisturizer! Such great stuff.
      xo Dina
      Sweetest Somethings

    11. I use Urban Decay primer daily! And have even tried out a few of the colors. I've been looking for a tinted moisturizer for the summer since foundation is too heavy so I may try out the Laura Mercier - thanks Erin! IF you looking for a new blush, I love Lancome's Shimmer Mocha Havana - it's a little bit like a combo between a bronzer and a blush. xo


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