..My Favorite Shampoos & Conditioners Under $5

August 6, 2013

..Best Shampoos & Conditioners for Under $5

Dove Shamp & Cond | L'Oreal Shamp & Cond | Herbal Essences Shamp & Cond

I know I'm not the only girl our there that honestly considers high end hair care a health necessity. My locks are so used and abused on a daily basis, I feel it's only right to soak them up in rehabilitating fancy pants products as a routine "I'm so sorry, please don't band together and decide baldness is a better option" gesture. El problemo is that this gesture costs like...roughly a zillion dollars because I have long hair and admittedly use more product than necessary. For that reason, I always throw in some less expensive shampoos and conditioners into the rotation to bring down the cost. Above are my absolute favorite drugstore brand products that you can get for UNDER FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE. My number one right now (and also the cheapest!) is the Dove Nourishing Oil. Makes your hair soft, silky, and light and smells fab too. The L'Oreal total repair is similar - great for moisturizing and softness. The Herbal Essences Body Envy works almost like a clarifying shampoo and is great for removing buildup and product while giving your hair a little more oomph. What are your favorite drugstore brands? I'd love to know!

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  1. I am SO with you girl! Although I only splurge on the cut & color and styling products (which last me forever somehow, thank goodness). I always use the cheapy shampoo & conditioner so my hubby doesn't get toooo mad about my expensive habit :-) I love the Dove but for some reason any Herbal Essence products make my hair super static-y. I haven't tried the L'Oreal..will have to check that out. I use Pantene every now & then I like how it works. Thanks for the tips! Glad to know I'm not the only one with an expensive hair habit!

  2. I mix my high-end shampoo with Herbal Essences because it a) cuts the costs and b) makes my hair feel cleaner, since sometimes sulfate-free shampoos don't clean as well! Plus, they all last twice as long!

    Plus, Herbal Essences has so many different varieties there's always a type for any haircare needs! :)

  3. I just started using the Dove conditioner you showed and I am seriously in love! The smell is absolutely wonderful like you said and my hair is so freaking soft. I purchased the deep conditioner mask from this L'oreal line too because I have heard so many great reviews but haven't used it yet (can't wait to try it though)


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