..Four Favorites

October 23, 2013


1. How cute are these fabulous gold confetti napkins? Perfect little detail for any upcoming occasion!

2. I loved this round up of French beauty secrets on Refinery 29. It is actually quite a bit of information and tips I had never heard of before, which if I'm bring honest, I wasn't expecting.

3. This girl is the mastermind behind my blog's web design (Jessica of Creative Index) and an all around great person. She does fabulous work if you are currently looking for a graphic designer but also has a really gorgeous/inspiring blog herself. Check it out.

4. I was really into this article on why auto-companies can't sell cars to millennials (like myself and many of you). I can really relate to almost every point this guy makes, so car salesman out there - please take note.

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  1. awwww... thanks for the shout out! you're too sweet! :)
    and those napkins are adorable! need to snatch some of those babies up!

  2. Love those napkins! Must get these!

    Crissy, xo


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