January 6, 2014

I realize this post comes about a week later than it should, but for whatever reason I wasn't feeling inspired enough to want to reflect back on 2013. Honestly, it is probably because 2013 was a really tough year for me. I struggle sometimes with how much to share on this little blog as it will be imprinted into the foreverness that is the internet. I usually side with caution and keep it light, but today I want to just quickly remind you about how this tiny piece of my life is by no means a true reflection of it. It is me with a filter set to "sparkly days" only. This year was filled with hard decisions, heart break, an extremely complicated family situation, and a lot of self doubt. On the flip side of that ugly coin I realize I have so much to be grateful for. A safety net of friends that I consider family, a new beginning, and new self discoveries. I learned how much I can do on my own, and the depths of my bravery.

While I am happy to see 2013 in my rear view, I also hold so much excitement in my heart for 2014 (which will forever be know as "the year of weddings" for me as I already have four on the calendar). I have a few very simple resolutions that I want to hold myself to which are to be a good friend, a loving girlfriend, to believe in the good will of the universe, and to stay motivated to keep growing as a human being. Cheers.


  1. Never too late to reflect back!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  2. Sounds like your 2013 was like my '12. It's tough, but good, to reflect on those hard years. Gotta go through those toughies to make us who we are today. I hope 2014 brings you everything you hope for. Happy New Year Erin!

  3. Cheers to 2014 love! I know this year was quite the ride for you, but I think things are looking up :)


  4. Love you biggie! Love the Miley pic :) xoxoxo


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