..Homemade Bagels

January 3, 2014

(Recipe from Allrecipes.com here)

Speaking of New Year's Day hangovers...I nursed mine with a batch of handmade bagels! While up in NJ for Christmas I participated in what I have deemed the carbolympics (pizza, bagels, pasta, repeat) which is usually followed up by the "oh my god WHY doesn't food taste like this in Virginia!?"

I really thought about this on the way home. Why is it that down here bagels taste like someone took a regular piece of bread, poked a hole in the middle and deemed it a bagel and in order to get a good pasta or pizza dish you have to pay "gourmet" prices? IT'S SO ANNOYING. I want my pizza to be artisan crafted and feed a family of five for fourteen dollars (only NY and NJ people will understand this). While I have yet to find the reason for the pizza situation, I do think that part of the reason bagels suck are because no one takes the time to boil them down in these parts.  The only real way to make a good bagel is to boil that biatch, so I found me a recipe and attempted to do it myself. While I have to admit it wasn't the best idea to do it while hungover (it takes a LOT of patients that people who drank their brain cells away the night before do not have) but they did taste muuuuuuch better than what you can get in the area AND they are like super cheap to make because all you need is flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and water. If they didn't take two hours to make I'd totally do it all the time. Nom nom nommmm.



  1. mmmm why didn't you bring me one!

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