..Bedazzled Liquor Bottles

May 27, 2014

Why not bedazzle a bottle of your friends favorite liquor for her bridal shower/bachelorette? It's a little time consuming but makes for a pretty accessory for your girl to get her drink on in glitzy style.  The steps are pretty obvious, buy gems and super glue, glue them on to bottle (le duh), but I thought I would share a couple other tips I learned to make it a little easier.  

1. This seems silly and time consuming but if you buy your gems in bulk like I did (I got four cases from here), it helps to sort your shapes and colors ahead of time so you can create some kind of organized pattern.  If you don't know how many blue squares v. pink hearts you have, etc. you might end up with a haphazard design mid way through. 

2. Glue the bottle first if you can! I can't tell you how many times I got my fingers stuck together (or bedazzled) because one of those little buggers flipped over on me. 

3. Let it dry over night before wrapping. DONE!


  1. this is amazing! I would love this as a gift haha

  2. this is definitely a great idea for a 21st birthday! I did something similar with a shaker for my friend a while back. So cute :D

  3. This is such an adorable gift idea! Will definitely be borrowing...

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  4. I always mean to do this for gifts… and then I get so lazy. I need to get on this! ;)


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