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May 21, 2014

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South Block Cafe was nice enough to let me try out their juice cleanse (c/o) so I decided the best way to really review my experience was to get into the nitty-gritty day by day, details are below! 

Day 1: Juice No. 1 "Detox" went down pretty easy. I drank it while I was getting ready for work so I had one less juice to lug into the office. It kept me feeling satisfied until the next juice No. 2 "Glow" which was hands down my favorite, pineapple heaven! I could drink that one all day. I didn't really feel any hunger or discomfort all day. The most "hungry" I felt was between the second and third juices. The third juice, No. 3 "Greens" was my least favorite.  Not going to lie, this one took me about thirty minutes to get down, I really am not a fan of celery and parsley together but it did fill me up nicely. After the third juice I actually had to keep pushing back the times I had originally set to drink each juice (about two hours apart) because I wasn't hungry enough for them. I ended up spacing them out about 2.5 hours for the last four. 

The only moment through out all of day one I really thought it was hard was when my boyfriend was cooking turkey sausage for his own dinner in our small apartment.  The smell of meaty salty food was a bit tough to fight but I stayed strong. The No. 6 "Caveman Mylk" was definitely another favorite and the most satisfying of the day. It tastes like a cinnamon-y cereal. I drank mine at about 8:30pm and woke up as if I had a whole meal the night before, no hunger pangs at all!

Day 2: I kept the same timing of each of my juices from the day before since it had worked out so nicely by setting alarms on my phone. I did notice something strange happening, I was scrolling through Instagram and was more drooly over the photos of salads than of the beautiful desserts. Weird! I hope this is for real and not all in my head. I'd love to crave salads over sweets in real life.

Day 3: I feel even better than I did on day 2.  I feel slight sadness when I realize I am on my last "Glow" as it is my favorite. I even went to a boutique trunk show that had a gorgeous candy bar display and felt no desire to eat any of it! In fact I spent the rest of the evening researching and preparing healthful meals for myself for the next couple of days so I could keep myself on track. WHO AM I?

In the end I would HIGHLY recommend this juice cleanse. If I can do it, literally ANYONE can. It was such a surprise to me to feel how easy it was to do and how beneficial it really ended up being. While I didn't work out during the cleanse since I am a first time juicer and was nervous about burning up all my calories, I think I definitely could have if I timed it right. I worked out the day after and felt fabulous! I am totally converted, I even picked up a few green juices to supplement here and there throughout the week. I feel more in tune with my body then I have in a long time so it was definitely worth it.

P.S. You can also check out my girl Meaghan's experience with the same cleanse here.
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  1. did you lose any weight???

    1. Hi Dawn! I honestly could't tell you if I did. I never got on a scale before or after the cleanse. I did feel great though!



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