June 23, 2014


The deets: J.Crew skirt; LOFT tank; CL Chinese Laundry sandals; H&M earrings (similar styles); Piperlime clutch (similar, similar); Ray-Ban sunnies.

This weekend was jam packed with fun things. Among the blogger friend birthday brunch and night out with a NY bestie in town, I tried a new pizza place with Mike Friday night. They get super busy and don't take call in orders on weekends so we walked across the street to a grocery store and bought a fancy bottle of beer, hit the 7-Eleven up for some slurpee containers, and found a park nearby while we waited for our artisan pizzas to be ready. There was something really silly and romantic about sitting on an old wooden bench at dusk, sipping brews in paper cups, and watching the fireflies light up all over us. It was such a small half hour of my life but I know I will remember it and smile.

June 17, 2014

..New Do

The deets: LOFT skirt; J.Crew top (similar, love this one); Steve Madden wedges (similar) & bag (similar, love this); South Moon Under sunnies (love these and these) and necklace

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I totally changed up my hair for the first time in...forever? I never really strayed too far away form long brown hair. I know it's not like I pulled a Miley or anything, but for me it feels super crazy different, in a good way. Sometimes you just need a little life spruce up and a new do is just the way to do it.

June 16, 2014

..Birthday Skirt

The deets: TopShop skirt; Nordstrom top; Michael Antonio heels (under $25!); Claire's sunnies; Gigee Marie clutch; bracelets gifted & ShopEsra (c/o); Michael Kors watch.

I am feeling so much love this year as I turn 28. I especially need to give a shout out to the internet as it and social media have really taken birthdays to the next level. I honestly take every card, phone call, text, or comment to heart and appreciate it so much. I always say that I can't recall a single non sunny birthday form my entire life (see last year and the year before). I think that is partially because June is a great month for weather and also because the amount offe love sent my way makes it impossible for my my world to be anything but bright. Thank you all for being so awesome, you know who you are!

Friday night I went to dinner with Mike at the place we go almost every year because I'm big on traditions, and Saturday I had a fun boozy brunch at Fuego with my girls because nothing makes me happier than tacos and tequila. To switch things up, as I am much more comfortable giving than receiving, I popped by the restaurant a little early to leave presents for everyone who came. It wasn't anything big, just a little makeup bag filled with glittery polish, chocolate, and a pair of colorful sunnies. They were such a hit and looked so adorable on everyone. Aren't they just the cutest? I am so lucky.


June 4, 2014

..Simple Floral Cupcakes


I made these cupcakes for my friend's work shower. I went with a floral theme because she sent out the most gorgeous wedding invitations that had a beautiful floral lining in them and thought it would be a nice change up from the normal weddingy cupcakes you see all the time. I made a simple vanilla cupcake with cream cheese icing.  Then I used these Wilton Ready-to-Use Icing tubes and these tips that screw right onto the tubes. You can get them both at any old grocery store, usually they are by the sprinkles. I used the "star" tip to make the flowers, the "leaf" tip to make the leaves, and the "round" tip for the yellow centers. I promise it is so easy, and how cute and matchy is my cake stand with these sugary cuties? It happens to be a gift from the bride! I love when things like that happen! 

June 2, 2014


The deets: GAP dress (now under $40!); ShopEsra earrings and bracelets (c/o); Shoedazzle heels (under $30 option); Ray-Ban sunnies; Rebecca Minkoff bag (almost identical).

I am always on the look out for local brands to support. When I was connected with Esra through a friend, I immediately checked out her shop which is filled with pretty hand crafted goodies, and really got into her unique style. I love love love the pastel leather wrap bracelets, they have quickly become my go-tos for stacking, but really everything she creates is pretty fabulous. I asked her to give me a little bit about herself and how she got started for your reading pleasure. Please check out her shop here and support a local brand!

I've always been a crafty person, but until ShopEsra I hadn't felt the natural drive to follow through with my projects. I have plenty of half-made knit scarves, almost finished paintings, and pinned DIY posts to speak for that. But I'm someone who happily embraces trial and error, which is how ShopEsra happened. I found with jewelry, I could finish a project in a day or two and easily alter it if I changed my mind later. Designing and making jewelry was a creative outlet that fit me! Wearing each necklace I first made was a happy reminder that I completed what I started, and momentum to make more came from friends who let me know they were loving each piece I made. So when I started making more than I could wear all myself, I created ShopEsra as an outlet to share my craft. 

I also want to mention that I balance ShopEsra with a 9-5 job and it's never felt like a burden. That's the real sign it's a great creative fit for me. So for everyone who feels like they have untapped potential- don't hesitate to try anything. Better the chances you'll find what feels best for you!