..Getting Wiser

September 19, 2014


Let me first say that I am often the one in my group of ladies to throw complaints about getting older out into the world like confetti. Yes, the hangovers Suck with a capital S, yes, the lines in your forehead are laying their groundwork like little carpenters mapping out your old saggy future, and yes, we have no idea what tweens are talking about anymore and that freaks us the eff out. You graduated WHEN? Yeah.


There are some straight up AWESOME things about being in your late twenties and beyond that go under appreciated at times and today I am here to bring them the acknowledgement they deserve. Not to say everyone is on the same page here, but I know that you can probably relate to at least some of these points, so celebrate.

1. We have figured out what the hell to to with our hair, people, and that was NO easy feat. It took years of bad haircuts, colors, and product searching. YEARS. Go us!

2. We can do our makeup with our damned eyes closed and still emerge looking semi-fabulous because we've practiced the shit out of that routine, whatever it may be.

3. We have a true personal style. No more dipping our toes in suspect trends just to test the waters. We know what we can get away with and what makes us look stupid. Crop tops? Yes, if paired with the right skirt. High waisted cut off jeans that expose your lower buttock? No way. Platform sneakers? Hard pass.

4. We have more swagger now than we ever did in our early twenties which makes us TOTALLY SEXY. This is partly because of numbers 1, 2, and 3, but mostly because we are finally comfortable in our skin and don't care about strangers opinions.

5. We know who our true friends are and surround ourselves with them. We live more fulfilled, quality lives because we know who to invest time in and who it's okay to let go of.

6. We have more disposable income because we've likely been promoted a time or two by now. You want to buy a $42 bottle of hair spray (looking at you, Oribe)? GO FOR IT. Take THAT 23 year old self.

7. Sometimes, our friends HAVE BABIES. THEY LITERALLY MAKE NEW HUMANS. That effing rocks in ways I can hardly understand.

8. We know how to make delicious things without a damn recipe. We may have learned out of necessity when we were thrust into adulthood, but have have since taken that bull by the horns and could probably compete in at least the first round of Chopped and come out with something edible.

Basically, if I had to sum it up, we are just wiser, funnier, happier, and better because we have stocked up on lifes trials, tribulations, and lessons. So cheers to us, late twenties-early thirties ladies. We are effing awesome and don't you forget it. 


  1. LOVE this post! So well written and I can relate to ALL of these and I LOVE it! :)


  2. Amen to #1 and 2. I cringe looking at photos of my hair/lack of makeup in my teens and college years. :) Great post Erin!

  3. I love this post, I was just thinking recently that age 27 has been my most confident year yet, and for many of the reasons you mentioned above. Although, I am still bitter that Facebook isn't like it was in college… le sigh


  4. Love this list! I for one am excited about getting older and wiser (usually)! - J

  5. Love all of these. Especially #5, so true!


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