..A Little Lash Change-Up

May 19, 2015


I know, I know. These are HUGE creepy photos of my eyeballs. It's weird, but the best way to show you the difference. The first photo is of a few applications of my day to day mascara go-to Clinique High Impact Curling in black. The second is just a teeny tiny bit of mascara on curled lashes (basically none) and a few well placed individual false lashes (not strips). It's not intensely different or a crazy super glam effect since there isn't any mascara on the falsies but it is a nice softer, fluffier, more whimsical option. Give it a try! These are my favorite individuals to use (and the ones I used here).

Bonus tip: when putting the glue on the individuals (black or clear glue) just put a dab on the back of your hand, let it sit for a minute and then using a tweezer, dip it and stick it!


  1. I feel like you have naturally bombshell lashes anyway, so I hate you. :)

  2. Holy moley - gorgeous lashes girl!!!! I've never thought about single false lashes.. I freak out every time I lose a real one so I may need to try this! lol



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