..Black and White Wedges

May 14, 2015


Who's ready for wedge season? Me! I have been scouring the internet (because who really goes IRL shopping these days?) for the perfect pair and have found so many cute black and white wedge options (also here here and here). I honestly have a lot of trouble finding a good wedge because I am very particular about the heel height & shape. There are hundreds of different pairs out there but I usually thumbs down 99%. These have passed the test. I realize some of them are pricier but you really only need one pair per summer if you go neutral and wedges literally go with every warm weather option so I think of it as an investment piece, like purchasing a good quality bag.

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  1. I absolutely love the Kate Spade wedges that you're featuring. If only I didn't already buy a new pair of Steve Madden wedges for the season...*sign*

    -Becky Lynn of Favors & Festivities


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