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May 24, 2016


I am a naturally fair person, which is a shame because I really think I look my best with just a little bit of a tan. My eyes seem sparklier, teeth whiter, somehow I feel skinnier. Basically it's the best thing ever. Hitting the tanning bed is a habbit I thankfully kicked years ago (does anyone actually still use them?) and I now like to lather on sun screen like it's going out of style at the beach (wrinkles and cancer can skip right over me, please & thank you) so it leaves me with one option - spray tanning.

Now I LOVE a good spray tan session, you wont find me on a vacation without one, but at $59 a pop, it just is not a once a week beauty regimen I can afford to keep up with all summer so for those non-vacation, plain old summer days where I just want to be able to have my bare legs out without blinding people, I just DIY it!

These two products are basically fool proof. I will say that I use the Vita Liberata with a mitt that gives me a flawless, streak free, natural tan (gives me this natural glow). I just scrub/shave in the shower, towel dry, and then rub a layer on with the mitt. I blow dry it a little, get dressed and go about my day. It says on for a few days and when I feel like it's time for another layer, I put one on over it the same way. Easy! I don't put any on my face (you totally can, I just get nervous putting anything non specifically "face" on mine), for that I use the St. Tropez lotion. I just wash my face/scrub off any dead skin with my Clarisonic and normal face soap, then moisturize with it before bed. I let it dry for fifteen minutes before going to sleep. 

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