..Four Favorites

June 30, 2016


1. I purchased these Quay beauties right before my Vegas trip and couldn't love them more. Cat eye, pink reflective, and under $60. 

2. I know everyone is all all about the red and blue berry desserts (which are great, and I've done myself before) but what's more american than rice krispy treats? How cuuuute are these?!

3. How many "Summer Reading Lists" have you seen come out this week from bloggers and news outlets? UGH, I KNOW I HAVE TO READ The Girls, I get it! Enough! I'm actually more of an audio over visual kind of gal (I hate watching Jeopardy with my fiance because I can't answer until I hear Alex finish saying the question out loud and he can just read them ahead an answer - my brain doesn't work like that). I have a monthly subscription to Audible which is life changing, so I'm more into this Summer listen list

4. One of my favorite beauty you-tubers always raves about this stuff so I tired it out and am in LOVE with the results - which you can see right now on my Snapchat!

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