..Three Summer Vacation Styles with GHD

July 7, 2016


I have pretty terrible hair, naturally. I am not trying to gain sympathy here, but I have to use heat on it every-darn-day to get it to pick a side (straight or curly). Good products are KEY to doing this to your hair without going bald in the process. My new favorite hot tool is the GHD Marine Allure Professional 1" Styler. Full disclosure, I was gifted the product and extremely skeptical as I have a pretty stacked hair arsenal already, but I truly like it way more than the one I had been using because it just glides over my strands smoother and seems to be less damaging. It also is a less stiff movement about it which makes doing straightener curls easier. 

1. Straight with a little volume. Sometimes you just want something easy that will combat the heat and not go super flat in 10 minutes. To get this look separate your hair in to sections, then run your hot GHD over those sections until nice and glossy and straight. Then take the hair at your crown, spritz with hairspray, then using a fine tooth comb, tease it (some people call this "back-combing"). I also use an anti-humidity spray for this straight look. To keep things even simpler, I just swiped on some mascara to complete!

2. Curls. Use your GHD as a curler. I love wild curls in the summer, especially on vacation because you feel dressed up, but they are really easy to maintain when it's humid. I just let them do their thing and get crazier as the day goes on, scrunching and tossing them this way and that. Section off your hair as you would to straighten, but instead of running the pieces between the iron, wrap it around once so that it makes a loop and pull it down. When you are done use a hair spray to set. Since this is a little fancier, I put on mascara, primer, bronzer, concealer and a little highlighter to pretty myself up.

3. Polished waves. For a fancy night out to dinner or just for any date really, I like something a little more polished but still fun. Follow all of the above steps for curling your hair but tease the crown (like in the first look) and brush out the curls so they fall out a bit, then hit it with the hairspray to set.

See my unmakeuped, au-natural hair below and what this amazing little device can do to transform it!


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