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June 22, 2016


I don't know when it happened exactly, but somewhere over the last year I feel like I have become more of a beauty blogger! I am so happy to take on this role as I LOVE trying new products and techniques. Function of Beauty recently reached out to me to give their custom shampoo & conditioner a try. At first I thought it sounded a bit cumbersome to create a custom shampoo but once I visited their website - which makes it easy as PIE - I was very into it. You select the type of hair you have (mine is wavy, fine, with oily scalp) then pick out the areas of improvement/goals for your locks and ingredients designated by actual chemists go in your bottles. Since I have long limp hair that I put heat on daily, my big ones were thermal protection, volume, and fixing split ends. You then even get to customize the color and SCENT! So coo! I went with sandalwood/violet because..well just because I am a huge sandalwood note fan (Bobbi Brown's "Beach" is one of my favorite smells of all time). The smell was muskier than I thought, and although still lovely, I think I'd try the grapefruit/hibiscus next time.

The formulas arrive with a instruction guide (how often to wash, where) and, which was a surprise to me, even have your name on them! So if you and your sister or roommate (or boyfriend - no judgement) order different formulas there would be no mixing it up.  After about a week of using it on and off I can say I really like it. It's SUPER hydrating and the perfume inside lasts all day long. The price point is a little higher than your nice drugstore brands but I usually keep a salon quality one in my rotation anyway.

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