..La Vie En Rose

June 20, 2016

Photo from the day I got engaged.

Do you ever just want to press the pause button on your life because you realize how content and in love with this moment you are currently in and never want to forget it? Sometimes that happens to me without any real catalyst at all. I was gifted one of these last week and it felt so delicious and indulgent that I wish it could fit in my hand so that I could pull it out and cuddle it whenever I begin to feel far away from it. It was a partly sunny Thursday afternoon. I walked into my favorite local pizza shop alone after picking up some cards for Father's day and a friends birthday. I ordered a slice of Margherita pizza and a fountain soda, found a cozy corner to myself in the window, got a pen out to write on my blank cards, "Smile" by Nat King Cole came on the radio followed by "Young at Heart" by Frank Sinatra and "La Vie En Rose" by Louis Armstrong and I just felt it. Deep down.  I was so happy to be in that exact slice of time with only myself, my full heart, well wishes ready to be written, and my cherry cola. Sometimes it's so lovely to put on those rose colored glasses and enjoy their effects for a minute.

Then, last weekend when I was out for my birthday dinner at Convivial with my fiance, as the waiter came out with a beautifully decadent s'mores souffle which held a single candle burning in it, the same song, "La Vie En Rose" came on at that exact moment and I felt like the universe was giving me a hug, or telling me a secret meant just for me. Sometimes I can't believe I get to live the life that I do, and that realization is a gift in itself.

I know this is different form my normal posts, they don't come around very often but if you want more of the deep stuff, you can find it here.

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