..OTK Boots for Curvy Girls

February 21, 2017


I never thought I would be someone who could rock over-the-knee boots. They seem like a thing reserved for the cooler, thinner, edgier women out there. Although hesitant, after a couple years of passing on the trend I decided to go for it when I read some reviews on these boots from other women who were curvier like me as my main concern was fitting them over my "American thighs." I was shocked to find they not only did they fit over but they fit over my jeans too! So any curvier women out there you should definitely buy these OTK boots. They aren't expensive and frankly aren't the MOST high quality but they get the job done. It was exciting to get to participate in the trend. I wore this out to Barrel & Bushel for a girls dinner a few weekends ago which was also something I would recommend. Super yummy! I had my bestie (and jewelry designer), Truly, snap some photos of my look before we left.


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