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February 3, 2017


I have an almost constant influx of new beauty products that come across my "desk" be it companies that want me to feature their product, gifts from relatives and loved ones because they know I'm a beauty junkie, or just my impulse buys from around the web. My point is that I try A LOT of crap. I can't even tell you how many times I have accepted a free product or shelled out my own money because some other beauty blogger said it was great only to be disappointed. R + Co Gemstone shampoo & conditioner is $25 bucks a pop, people basically sing about it, and I would rather use 99 cent Suave over the stuff. I just don't get it. Same goes for that "Better Than Sex" mascara, flakes immediately on me and I was so thankful I bought the sample size tube before splurging on the regular one. It's really hard to know how you feel about a product until you've used it for a few weeks. These are some TRUE GEMS that I have be really taken with after repeated use so I'm sorry this one is long but I figured I'd let you all know!

1. Josie Maran Argan Oil. I might be late to the party here but I like JUST realized in the last year and a half of my life that not all parts of your face need the same products. I used to think one layer went all over but I'd shy away from things too moisturizing because my oily parts didn't need it or too drying because my sensitive parts would crack and flake. One day I woke up! I have a very oily forehead, normal nose, chin, and cheeks, and then exceptionally dry eye area #blessed..#kidding. I now use my CereVe cream on my cheeks, my anti-breakout cream on my forehead and nose, and this lovely oil on the skin around my eyes before bed. It's amazing and I love it forever and ever. Oil for your face, who knew?

2. Basic Vitamin E Oil. I put this wonderful free-radical fighting goo around my eyes as well for extra moisture at night and on my lips! It's so inexpensive (under $6) and is really magical for the skin or scars (one split forehead from a man opening a door on your face will really teach you some things..but that story is for another time).

3. Shu Uemura eyelash curler. So I have a really naughty habit of curling my lashes after they are mascara'd. It's every makeup artists nightmare and I know it's a bad bad thing but honestly I have yet to meet a curler that was strong enough to get the job done on my naked lashes without either being heated or the mascara kind of serving as a hairspray. This one does it! It is a little pricier but I have heard everyone talk about it for years and finally gave it a try. I can use it without heating it up and get curled bare lashes!

4. Mason Pearson hairbrush. Okay. Get your eye roll ready because this brush rings in at $170 dollars. Yep. Roll away. I asked for this for Christmas after reading review after glowing review. I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it but my husband has even commented on how much nicer my hair looks. It's truly a luxurious feeling. My hair even seems thicker after using it for a month and I think it's because I am not ripping my hair out each day fighting with my mane. It's also totally an heirloom so you could justify it that way. It has really been worth every penny.

5. Harry's Razor (c/o). This little gem is made for men, clearly. There's nothing feminine about it but it works like a damn CHARM. I was slightly skeptical and hesitant to forgo my normal razor that looks like it was made for a human size Barbie but once I got those blades gliding and felt the smoothest legs ever I was totally converted. The blade refills are $2 bucks or under, WHAT? I usually have to hand over a giant burlap bag of money to get my blade refills. I honestly go an embarrassingly long time on the last one in a pack because I dread getting more. I now understand those commercials of women stealing their men's razors (and wonder why I hadn't been doing it - it clearly is a thing). Also after doing some research I was annoyed to learn that women in general end up paying way more for the same products as men because they are marketed towards us.. this thing called the "pink tax," look it up it will grind your gears. So basically Harry's razors are better AND more economical (shoulder brush).

6. Elizabeth Arden eye shadow in "Heatherd Plum". I was gifted this gorgeous pallet which came in their holiday box of goodies. I have been in a VERY committed relationship with my basic MAC pallet I have made and kept refilling with the same four colors for years but something about the plum-y purple has me hooked! I honestly don't use any of the other colors too much but the "Heatherd Plum" shade is one I will definitely need to buy on it's own. So gorgeous with good staying power. I have been using it three times a week at the very least. I love the color and if you have greenish-blue eyes like me it is the best contrast shade.

7. The POREfessional Face Primer. This stuff makes my face actually matte. It's such a great little product that kind of flies under the radar. Not for everyday use but when I need to go out at night this little guy is the first thing (after moisturizing, obvs) that I put on as a base for all my other makeup. It gives a slightly "blurred" perfect finish.


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