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January 31, 2017

BeFunky Collage

1. The "Up and Vanished" podcast is the BEST. It's so juicy, there are so many characters, the suspense factor is through the roof. If you are a podcast person, get on it. 

2. I have many pregnant friends at the moment but don't yet know what they are having. I just about died over these unicorn booties so I am ready to pounce once someone gives me the "pink" light.

3. I just loved the idea of a middle ground between a card and a small gift. Greetabl is the perfect step up. I love the designs and all the options to get to fill your box. They are so cute I sent one to my bestie going through chemo a couple weeks ago as a pick me up. This is not sponsored, I just love them.

4. Mini backpacks are my current JAM. I got this simple black Coach one that holds my DSLR camera perfectly. With my third weekend of travel in a row this week I can honestly say it was a great buy. I love being hands free in the airport or roaming the streets of a city.

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