..V-Day Gift Ideas Under $60

January 23, 2017

..V-Day Gifts Under $55
The deets: floral nighty $32 | sequin earrings $38 | tassel clutch $57 | cashmere gloves $50 | candle $26 | cat eye sunnies $42 | fancy chocolate bar $10 | glitter kitty iPhone case $45 | Tom Ford lipstick $53 | Cravings cookbook $30

I love Valentine's Day. I love the sentiment, the cute confections, I love the flowers. I also know that as a women, V-Day is really all about us. We get the pretty things, we get to dress up and get taken for dinner, and we usually are the ones given the fancy presents. Since the flower giving/dinner taking are already pricey I wouldn't ever expect anything over the top for this holiday (or even anything at all). I actually gifted Mike some really nice sunglasses a couple years ago to make up for all the lack luster v-days he has had to endure on his end which I think was a really great surprise. If a fellow decided that they just HAD to get me something then here are some really fun gifts that are under $60 that would absolutely make my night. I actually already have the cook book and can attest to it's fabulousness. 

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