..Of Course I Wore Pink Lace to a Baby Girl Shower

April 25, 2017


Firstly, I hope you guys have noticed from my last outfit post that I am now going to try to find a similar less expensive item for anything that I wear that rings in over $100. From one shopaholic to another, I would definitely appreciate that on the ones I check! Let me know what you think, I love feedback! Second, when you have a recently purchased light pink lace top sitting in your closet how do you NOT wear it to the baby shower for your besties little girl? You just can't not do it, if that makes any sense? Funny enough I have another lovely friends shower for a baby boy next weekend so you can make a safe bet that I will have on something light blue. I get joy from following a THEME! I know it's lame, pray for my future children. Also these earrings are like having pretty spring wreaths on each side of your head so that is something.

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