..Gemini Party of Two

September 12, 2017


Hello friends, my name is Erin and I am a atrologic-holic. I just love anything that is sun sign related so I was super obsessed with these tees when they came out at J.Crew. I walked into my local one and they had EVERY single one in sock but mine so I kept going back until they had it. I do slightly resemble a camp counselor here (is camp counselor chic a thing? Like #athleisure?) but I don't mind. My little party of two toucans are too adorable to be mad at it.

I am a Gemini (air sign strong in communication) with a Leo rising (fire sign - basically a doctorate in empathy). Most everyone knows their sun sign but if you aren't sure about your rising (the way you express your sun sign) you can find out by checking out what time of day you were born and matching it to this chart. I am always fascinated by how to people of the same sun sign can be affected by their different rising signs! My husband is a Libra with Taurus rising which is basically a perfect compliment to mine and we didn't even plan it (wink).

Shop ALL the signs below! I am pretty obsessed with the Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius are my favorites.


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