..Four Favorites

September 7, 2017

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1. I got this little "do your best" coaster for my desk at work and it really does put a little positive energy into my brain when I catch a glimpse of it!

2. I have these earrings in the lighter color (last seen here and here) and they just came out in gorgeous deeper hues, thinking they would be such a fun gift! I love mine.

3. My bestie just started a photography company Truly Gil Photography! She is going to be snapping our Christmas photos this year and I know it's early but I have been brainstorming ideas on my Pinerest page (here) for us and there are SO many cute dogs in wreaths I'm thinking I need to do this with Alba!

4. It's my own personal tradition to treat myself to a new pajama set each time I go on a vacation and even though its the end of summer I couldn't resist this cute lemon print set for our upcoming trip to Charleston.

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