..A Gender Reveal & Family Photo

May 10, 2018

The deets: Rug, couch, bar cart, basket, lamp, white pillow, pink pillow, poster, photos are by Framebridge, art is sold out but was from Target or painted by myself, coffee table.

I know I announced this on Instagram weeks ago but in case you only check the blog - it's a GIRL! We'll officially be a house of all females and my husband come September. Since it won't be just us for too much longer I wanted to round up all my loves into one photo if possible since our kitty never makes it for our outdoor Christmas photo. Not going to lie it took one tri-pod, a couple treats, and a TON of patients on the part our fur babies. They get an A+ for effort. I swear if I went one more round of photos someone would have been bloodied by the end of it. 

That's it for now, I want to write a more in depth about the actual emotional process of finding out your baby's sex another time since I initially experienced a roller coaster of them that need their own post.

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