June 29, 2018

..Nantucket Date Night

The deets: J.Crew blazer and J.Crew factory dress (similar pattern); Jack Rogers sandals; Kate Spade mini bag (similar); Tan is totally fake via Tan Towels.

So I was 28 weeks in these photos, feeling great (I had actually walked 7 miles earlier that day and still had energy to get cute for our last dinner of vacation) and had a fabulous faux tan that was made possible by ALL THE TAN TOWELS (I was doing one a night on vacation) and Vita Liberata. Fast forward to now - 30 weeks and I am pale, stressed, swollen, and I feel double the size and I somehow have 10 more weeks to grow. SO thankful I took my baby-moon then and not now! I wore this out on our last dinner in Nantucket - we went to The Proprietors and while nothing disappointed there it was probably our favorite restaurant experience of the trip.

I am seriously the worst at posting outfits when they are still available in stores, this one I actually purchased in March and hand to god just wore it for the first time two weeks ago so it's long gone - BUT - the store is having 50% of EVERYTHING for 4th of July so you can find yo' self something good for cheap. I also am so happy I wore it then because I honestly don't know if it would fit me now! It's not maternity but still worked. I am a true psycho and start planning my vacation outfits super far in advance because I get anxiety about not feeling unprepared or not good in what I packed and it effecting my experience. I like to have everything set so I just get dressed, don't worry about it again, and enjoy! 

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June 27, 2018

..Sconset Beach

The deets: MANGO hat (half off right now!) and bag; Madewell sandals (also on sale with code SPARKLER); Target maternity jean shorts; A Pea in the Pod tank; J.Crew chambray button down.

Let me start this post by saying Sconset Beach is probably one of the most beautiful places I've seen in real life. Its miles of pure white sand with tons of wild beach roses and lavender growing everywhere so it looks and smells like a dream. If you look closely you can see some paint platter on my leg because there were artists literally everywhere set up with their easels and I got a little on me walking by one of them in action. EVERY DIRECTION you look would make a gorgeous painting. We did the couple mile "bluff walk" which was where I snapped all these photos (yes those are little seals swimming in the ocean!) and it was definitely the most scenic walk I have ever done in my life. It was a slice of pure heaven and everyone should take a trip there. It was quite a lot of work for my 28 week bump so I was absolutely DEAD the next day after our 7 miles but it was so worth it!

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June 4, 2018

..Palm Printed Bump


This dress and it's pretty palm printed tropical vibes is actually maternity (I don't know when I will stop being surprised when maternity things turn out to be actually cute)! I have blogged Seraphine dresses before and honestly the brand has been my go to place for slightly fancier styles (and by "fancier" I mean able to wear to work or a date night..or basically not pajamas). I wore this last weekend at the beach to our big group dinner. It couldn't have been more gorgeous Summer weather which was such a treat bc Memorial Day weekend can be hit or miss. I really felt like I was LIVING MY BEST LIFE and felt so like myself in this outfit (and the whole weekend) that I basically forgot I was pregnant, which was great. Sometimes you just don't wan't to feel pregnant. It's not always the most magical experience for every person and that is ok - sometimes it's just your regular life with a little more pudge and stress and a little less fun and cocktails. I read this article today and it really struck a chord with me about being honest about this experience as a blogger. While it was super easy for me to get pregnant - I had a very intense first trimester and even after coming out of that fog I haven't had that magical glowy feeling, and that's fine! Feeling happy that I can at least still give myself a chance to dress up my new and changing bod with some cute maternity options. I can honestly say that aside from the actual spending (which has been in excess fo SHO) it's been kind of fun to create a whole new wardrobe for this little phase of life. 

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