..Bumpin' in Red, White, & Blue

July 4, 2018


I wore this little outfit last weekend for a besties little girl's first birthday that was 4th of July themed so  OBVIOUSLY I waited it to post until today because...duh. Happy Fourth! I also wore this out to dinner on our Nantucket trip with a jean jacket, just a good summer buy for the bump! This may be TMI but I am officially getting to the point where I have to stuff my boobs into things because every month I swear they size up again. They are slightly spilling out in these photos but I like to keep it real here! This is what I am currently dealing with in week 30. I also have always been clumsy and fell up the metro steps like once every few weeks prior to being pregnant (there is a particularly embarrassing story involving bags of groceries and my produce making it up to the top before me) and now that I am knocked up I try to be more careful but every once and a while they get me..which is why i have a gnarly bruise on my leg. I will be spending the day enjoying not working OR metro riding mid-week. What a treat! Happy Birthday, America!

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