..Floral Maternity Maxi

July 12, 2018

The deets: Pinkblush dress (c/o); J.Crew jean jacket; Banana Republic slides; Le Specs sunnies; Kate Spade bag (old, similar); GAP hat (old, similar).

I am 32 weeks pregnant now which is officially the start of my 8th month! Time is beginning to fly which is freaking me out a little because my due date is September 4th and by then the summer will be basically over which makes me sad. I feel like we just got going! 

Strangers stop me on a daily basis to ask me when I am due and then quickly make the "oh, you're going to be SO HOT" face. I used to find it slightly irritating but now it serves as a sweet reminder that I am actually enjoying this much more than people have expected me to! The heat has not been a problem for me at all, in fact, I haven't had to wash my hair as much since for whatever reason my scalp is much drier - which I count as a major benefit since it saves me time in the morning. I do have trouble taking in deep breaths now and also have developed a lot of varicose veins which are not fun but aside from that it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. I am hungry AT ALL TIMES, even right after I eat - I don't understand because there is no room left in me. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast for the first time today and it was so damn satisfying I felt no guilt at all about it!
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