..Our Tiny Apartment Nursery Reveal

August 8, 2018


Okay first off, let me say the word "nursery" is slightly over-stated for the actual situation I have created here but "baby wall/general baby area" didn't have the same ring to it. If you are a city dweller or small apartment lover like me and are trying to figure out how the heck to fit a baby into the picture then this is the post for you. 

We all know how awful moving in a city can be and and my husband and I truly love the space we currently live in. I could seriously go on and on about all the things that make it my favorite place we have ever lived - the short walk to metro, grocery store, pharmacy, and restaurants, quick work commute, tons of natural light, a huge terrace, it really is just a place with a happy vibe. We moved in the weekend after we got engaged and were the first people to live in the unit. We got married and came home here. We found out we were pregnant here. The thought of leaving it and throwing a new huge life change into the mix all in one year just seemed overwhelming and scary so we decided to try to make it work for at least one more year. That way we can tackle this new parent thing now and moving can be something we worry about later.

Seems like a great idea until you realize how HELLA STRONG those nesting emotions are. They came in HOT and all the sudden I needed the baby to have her own space and it had to be stylish and functional and not interrupt the apartment vibe too much. OKAY? Tall order, right? Just for reference, this is what the space was before - your basic office/den. We tried to get the most out of the space by getting rid of the desk (we put this floating corner desk in another part of the apartment), adding fun wall paper (the perfect square was a great candidate for peal and stick), swapped out the rug for something more crawl around friendly, and converted our beloved Kallax Ikea shelves that we have had for approximately 100 years into little closets using perfectly sized inserts and these rods.  It worked out pretty great but we clearly still needed a changing space. The changing area spills into our bedroom - we just put a cart in the corner and added a changing basket to our dresser which is right next to the den/nursery so even though it's not in the den we think it worked out. Everything we purchased is pretty affordable (I don't think anything is over $100!) but we did splurge on the crib since it has wheels and can convert from a small bassinet size to a regular size crib (space comes at a premium in our apartment). It just seemed like the perfect fit for our current situation. For baby's shoe storage I just covered some cardboard boxes in some of the extra wall paper I had lying around. We are overall very happy with how the tiny space came out! We'll see how living in a place with no walls goes - will report back on that possible disaster choice later but for now the nesting monster inside me is satiated.

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